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The Robot Ate Me – Latest EP

So I’ve been listening to the latest The Robot Ate Me EP today, the Circumstance EP. It was released on 30th Jan 2013, and is well worth a listen. It’s quite experimental, starting softly before going into a bit of experimental electronica (Circustance #3), the playful sounding I Found and then reverting back to softness with Freedom Is Withinin Your Heart; a lovely little 1:06 final track, a continuation of Circumstance #1, the opener.

There are echoes of latter day Radiohead throughout Circumstance, but slightly softer and a bit less experimental. I wasn’t sure about the trend to go back to the EP, which many artists have taken on instead of LP albums. But having heard a few now, each complete mini-works that can tell a shorter story, I have warmed to the idea.

The Circumstance EP is available to listen for free at, and is also available to buy, for the bargain price of $4 USD.

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