Bedroom Heroes Jay  

Still alive…

Hi all,

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted an update. A year and 9 months, no less! Craziness. Well I decided to sift through all the old emails in the info@ mailbox for this site a few weeks ago. I get a hell of a lot of spam to that mailbox. Please, spammers, if you’re reading this I’m never going to respond to a mail for penis enlargement, viagra, replica watches or horny housewives, so please stop (although I know full well there’s no chance of that happening).

Anyway, while sifting through I spotted an email from a guy called David, who knew the band back in the day, and is still friends with the lead guitarist, Tom (I think his full name is Tom Nawrocki). Apparently Tom still makes music, and recently was involved in a collaboration with Mike Masse, in a project called Xenesis. This band has released an EP to date, which is well worth a listen if you have a few moments. It’s available to listen and download from the band’s website, and is also on Spotify.

So thanks for the shout David. And as an early 2015 resolution, I promise to be more active with the Bedroom Heroes fan site.



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