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Some Band History

Hi All,

I’ve been doing some digging in the last few weeks, and have come across the Wayback Machine, which takes snapshots of websites through the years and saves them for posterity. This resource has provided quite a lot of info and has answered some questions about Bedroom Heroes.

First of all, this domain is indeed the one the band used back in the day. So Ryland and guys, I’m sure you’ve all moved on from the project now but if on the off chance you ever get back together and want the domain back, just let me know!

The next important point this research revealed was that the band were working on a new album before their indefinite hiatus in 2002! What a shame that body of work never saw the light of day. It’d be nice to hear those songs if they were recorded, guys (hint, hint).

The old site also confirms the band lineup, which I will update as an when more info becomes available. The lineup briefly is as follows:

Ryland – vocals/guitar/keys
Tom –  guitar/keys
Jake – bass/keys
Bill – drums

Digging through all this other info has made quite an interesting read, so I will collate this information, tidy it up a bit and stick it all in a new Band page on the site, to be published some time in the next few days.

UPDATE: The Band page is now live here.



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