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Band Lineup


The following band members were the founders and recorded the album Sea Change

Ryland Bouchard – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard (1999 – 2001)

Thomas Nawrocki – Guitar, Keyboard (1999 – 2001)

Jake Cohen – Bass Guitar, Keyboard (1999 – 2001)

Greg Sextro – Drums (1999 – 2000) – left the band to pursue a career in art in NYC


The following band members were replacement drummers between 2000 and 2001 for the live shows and during writing material for the second album, which never surfaced

Bill – Drums (2000 – 2001) – replaced by Dave Green

Dave Green (or David Greenberg) – Drums (2001)



Band History

Recently I’ve been doing some research on Bedroom Heroes, using the Wayback Machine, which yielded a lot of info from the band’s official website from back in the day.

I have also been contacted by Jake Cohen, the former bass player and founding member of the band, who I am much obliged to for providing some info on how the band were formed and the reasons for them calling it quits after just one very beautiful album.

Jake got in contact via email after listening to the album and decided to look up info on the band. He found this site and got in touch. He isn’t in a band nowadays but I’m glad to hear he still plays bass. Here’s an excerpt of Jake’s email:


Bedroom Heroes first met in early 1999 on the UC San Diego campus. We had a couple of jam sessions in one of the lecture halls on campus, and decided to form a band. Things started progressing more quickly within a few months as Ryland (vocals, guitar) and Greg (drums) found a house down in Clairemont Mesa that they rented out. The owner was pretty cool and let us modify the garage to create a practice room, and this is where we did our songwriting and practicing for the next two years.


Early on, we did a couple tiny gigs – a party here and there, a sort of open mic session outdoors on the university campus, nothing major. We got our first “real” shows after playing together for about a year, and we did shows at Dreamstreet in San Diego, as well as the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach.


In 2000, we all piled into my minivan and made the 21-hour drive from San Diego to Seattle with the goal of recording an EP. We had found a producer (Greg Williamson) based in Seattle that was willing to help with the EP and would work with us in the studio (The Bionic Ear).


We spent a week in Seattle laying down tracks, and we got some pretty good results, but ultimately we decided not to release the EP we recorded there. Instead, we added some additional songs and decided to self-release a full album, which became Sea Change. We re-recorded some tracks and added a lot of our own additional instrumentation and effects. Ryland had invested pretty heavily in a Pro Tools setup with a 24-channel control console and a (then) state of the art Mac (G3 or G4, I can’t remember).


After we released Sea Change in 2001, things started to drift apart for the band. Our drummer, Greg, found an opportunity to pursue artwork in NYC and moved across the country for that. We went through a few drummers over the following months until we found Dave Green, who ended up being the new official drummer. However, shortly after this, Ryland was investing more and more time and energy into The Robot Ate Me, I had just graduated and was looking for a steady job, and Tom, our guitarist, was working on getting married.


We went on official hiatus, and gradually just drifted apart. Tom remained in San Diego, while Ryland moved up to Anacortes, WA, and then later to Portland, OR. In 2004 I moved up to Seattle. Most of us were pursuing careers and families, and the Bedroom Heroes chapter of our lives came to a close.


So that’s the basic version of our history. I’m glad to hear there are folks out there who appreciated our album – we put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into that album, and I’m still pretty proud of it.


Thanks for the info Jake, and you should be very proud of the album. It means a lot to me and the fans who have got in touch over the last couple of years since I set up this site.



Old Bedroom Heroes Website

Below is the information I got from the Wayback Machine, chronicling the early launch of the band and the album. Just a note here, the date formats were different for different posts which made reading these entries confusing, so I have standardized them in UK date format (dd/MM/yy).


Band stated as being based in San Diego, California. Membership listed as follows:

ryland, vocals/guitar/keys
tom, guitar/keys
jake, bass/keys
bill, drums

From Jake’s email, it would seem the drummer on the album (Greg) had already departed by this time, and Bill was one of the replacements who stepped in before the guys settled on Dave Green.



well, I haven’t updated this in a long time so I figure I probably should. We’ve been working hard on completing the album and have scheduled a mastering date for Nov. 1st. The album will be printed shortly after that and will then be for sale via our website and maybe a few online stores, depending on what we can arrange. We’ll keep you posted on the actual release date. In the meantime we’ve posted 4 of the songs on, so if you want a preview of what’s going to be on the album go there.. thanks everyone,



new site. album will be out early december as planned. download songs from



We have a show next week at the Hard Rock Cafe, in Downtown, San Diego. The show info is below: 12/12/2001 – Hard Rock Cafe (12 bands of Christmas).
Battle of the Bands: Wednesday December 12th, 2001 starring Eve Selis, Bedroom Heroes, Sissy Deluxe, and Greyeighteen! Cover: $6 (all ages w/flyer).$4 (21 and over w/flyer). Starts @ 9pm.
Location: 801 4th Avenue, San Diego CA
92103, USA, (619) 615-7625
$1 off Flyer
The CD will be available next week as well, unfortunately it won’t be at the show, but you’ll be able to buy it on our site for $10 using paypal. Paypal is free to sign up, and I think they still give you $5 to sign up… So you can essentially get the cd for $5. We are too broke to afford any other payment method right now.
thanks all, hope to see everyone at the show-
bedroom heroes



the cd’s are completely done. they will be delivered tomorrow. you can order them now online using paypal for $10, just in time for christmas. if you don’t have an account with paypal, they give you $5 to sign up, so you can essentially get the album for $5.

thanks again everyone. if you haven’t listened, you can listen on
bedroom heroes



hey everyone, the album arrived today and it looks amazing, everything came together perfectly. thanks to everyone who helped, especially steph gueldner, ryan teisan, inrecordtime, west west side music, ibo, and all our friends & family.
the cd’s are now for sale via paypal for $10 & for more. we are looking into distribution options, but for now these are the only options. if anyone has any questions about ordering email
its finally done(!)..thanks to everyone-
bedroom heroes


From the Album page

After over a year of recording, the bedroom heroes first full length album will be released early December 2001. The bedroom heroes have been characterized by as producing “..darkly romantic melodies engulfing poetry that broods on post-apocalyptic isolation and alienation…definitely original, the Bedroom Heroes produce ghostly harmonies heavy with the impression that far more lies beneath the surface if only you can figure out where to scratch it.”

bedroom heroes – sea change
01. june (call us walking): (download)
02. second hand: (download)
03. embers & the night after: (download)
04. tipping forward
05. of your control
06. swim slowly in the sea
07. in twilight
08. the tempest
09. with eyes in sing
10. end song

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by the bedroom heroes.
Mastering: Alan Douches, West West Side Music
Illustrations & Design: Stephanie Gueldner
BH001, swim slowly records 2001





We have a show on Valentines Day (Thurs, Feb. 14th) at Winstons in Ocean Beach. The proceeds for the show will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation. We are playing with our friends Honeybucket, & Vocoder and have several sponsors for the event. There will be giveaways, as well as some other suprises. Hope to see everyone there,

bedroom heroes



winstons cancelled our show for Valentines Day in favor of some other bands; sorry to those who were planning on going. we may change the venue but we aren’t counting on anything. blah,

bedroom heroes



We are currently working on material for our next album and have very minimal shows planned for the next couple months. Our next show is currently on May 19th, at the North Park Street Fair in San Diego. Because of requests the lyrics are now on the album page, just click on the song name. Thanks everyone-

bedroom heroes


No shows planned, we are currently working on finding a drummer and writing our new material. If you know anyone nice, reliable and talented on a drumset in the San Diego area email us. if you are new here, please listen. we hope you all are well.. kindly,
bedroom heroes



hello all,
Since December we have been writing new material, and had been searching for a drummer for a few months…Fortunately, we met up with David Greenberg from another San Diego band, ‘A is For Acronym’, and will be starting up with him when he returns from D.C. in the fall. We really like him and are looking forward to working with him when he returns. If you are in college, check with you local college station about playing our cd (since we sent out a couple hundred to colleges this February)…or if you know somewhere that might be interested in playing our music, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Email us or post a message.
On another note, I, as The Robot Ate Me will be releasing an album this September entitled They Ate Themselves. The album will also be on our label, Swim Slowly Records, and contains accordions, guitars, songs, toy pianos, organs, a typewriter solo, and well just about whatever made sense at the time. You can listen to some songs at
We hope you all are having a great summer, as always you can listen to our tracks on or by going to the album page.
bedroom heroes



We are currently on an extended haitus to work on a few other musical projects. My project, The Robot Ate Me will be releasing our debut They Ate Themselves December 10th on Swim Slowly Records. Expect shows and a tour this summer. Its fun, happy and sad music. Check it out. Jake is playing bass with another local San Diego band and Tom is working on his own recording project.
Thanks to everyone for listening and giving us the chance to grace your ears with some music. We apoligize[sic] for not being able to tour or play shows. Kindly,


From the Album page

Our album can no longer be downloaded for free (bandwidth costs). mp3s: here / You can purchase the album directly from Swim Slowly Records or through
locally (san diego) the album can be found for $9.99 at off the record in hillcrest, the cow in ocean beach, music trader in pacific beach, or M Theory Records in North Park…
thank you in advance, we appreciate your support.


Some time between Sept 3rd and Sept 24th 2004, the band’s official website went offline, and that was the end of Bedroom Heroes.

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