About Me

My name is Jay and I live in the United Kingdom. I have been a fan of Bedroom Heroes’ Sea Change since I first heard it in 2002. I really enjoy the fact that I ‘discovered’ this little-known and massively underrated band, and have introduced them to several friends over the past 10 or so years.

There have been many nights I’ve put the album on and drifted away, pretty much always listening to it in its entirey. Sometimes I’ve left the album on repeat and listened to it 2 or 3 times in a row. Even the name ‘Bedroom Heroes’ strikes a chord with me and seems pertinent, as I have spent many nights alone in my bedroom, blocking out the world, listening to music, writing songs playing guitar. The deep, thought-provoking lyrics are sometimes complimented and other times offset by the mellow guitar accompaniment.

Why Have I Made This Site?

Well, as mentioned on the Home page, I was surprised at how a band with such promise and who created such an incredible album, could just disappear in no time at all. I like the fact that Sea Change is relatively unknown, and most certainly not mainstream. But I think it’s gone too far the other way, and is in danger of fading out completely. So to stop that from happening and to keep the album alive, please visit and contribute to bedroomheroes.com.

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