Hello and welcome to BedroomHeroes.com, an unofficial fan site for Bedroom Heroes, who produced one of the most beautiful and underrated (or, more accurately, unheard of) albums of the past two decades.

Back in 2002, the World Wide Web was still in its relative infancy. It had been around for several years, but social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and video sharing sites such as YouTube didn’t exist. The only real ways to discover new music were through the traditional methods such as word of mouth and listening to the radio, or by visiting one of the many ‘legal’ music sites.

It was around this time I discovered Bedroom Heroes, on the site MP3.com. This was very different to the MP3.com that exists today. While searching through the new bands who had uploaded tracks, I came across Bedroom Heroes, who had I think 3 tracks to download for free from the album Sea Change. One such track was the incredible June (Call Us Walking). I immediately looked them up and purchased Sea Change.

Sea Change was released in 2001 under the Swim Slowly label. Swim Slowly was founded in 2001 by Ryland Bouchard, and Sea Change was the label’s first release.

Bedroom Heroes - Sea Change

The album arrived a couple of weeks later (I live in the UK), and instantly became one of my favourites. Never before had I experienced an album so complete and fulfilling. There are obviously stand out tracks on the album, but it almost seems wrong to split them up and analyze them as separate pieces of music. This isn’t a collection of individual works of art, but a 10-track journey into the unconscious.The lyrics and emotion range from lighthearted and mellow, to soul-searchingly dark and painful. It’s an album about life and experiences, all set to a very mellow and chilled backdrop. The entire album flows beautifully from one song to the next, the chilled music drawing you in as it goes.

It’s safe to say I was an instant fan of Bedroom Heroes, and regularly checked the band’s official website for updates on any new material, and to see if their tours would expand beyond the US. All looked to be going well. Back then, the website (I think it may actually have been the domain this site now resides upon) contained brief bio’s on the members of the band, a bit about the album and details of upcoming projects and details of localized tour dates.

Bedroom Heroes Mystery

However, the band soon became something of a mystery. First of all, the updates to the website stopped. At some point, I vaguely remember browsing to site reading about a hiatus, of sorts, as the band members had decided to take on other projects.

A few months went by, I tried to find the website again and discovered it had disappeared, the domain name simply redirecting to the Swim Slowly site. A few more months and the domain name stopped resolving altogether. The only way to find out about the band was to perform a Google search, which took you through to the Swim Slowly site.

This was only the beginning of the mystery, though. Ryland Bouchard, the founder of Swim Slowly, was listed at the time as being the singer of Bedroom Heroes, and listening to his other work, as The Robot Ate Me, it certainly seems to reaffirm him as the front man. However, for whatever reason, he has decided to sever personal involvement with the project. There is no mention of Bedroom Heroes on his official website, Facebook page or Wikipedia page (Wikipedia has no mention at all of Bedroom Heroes). It is almost as if Ryland has tried to bury the album, or at least bury his involvement with it. I’d certainly want to be recognized as being part of something so thought-provoking and so full of promise, but he obviously has his reasons.

Anyway, over the years this album has faded into relative insignificance, and is in danger of becoming completely lost. In spite of the fact that it was released during the digital age of the Internet, there is surprisingly little information about it or the band. A Google search for ‘Bedroom Heroes’ turns up a video of June someone has uploaded to YouTube along with a random photograph, a very sparse-looking MySpace profile that hasn’t been touched since 2007 (that’s certainly not anything unusual, though), a listing on Discogs that I created a while back which someone has edited to remove the final track, and a couple of streaming sites.

That’s a crying shame as far as I’m concerned, so I’ve created this fan site. I’m not saying I’m trying to revive Bedroom Heroes or bring the album to the masses (there’s a certain satisfaction in introducing people to something I can guarantee they’ve never heard before), but I’m trying to create an environment to collate information, and to stop the album from dying out completely. So if you have information on the band; who they are, what other projects they’ve been a part of, if you ever saw them live and have memories or pictures, I’d love to hear from you. Please drop me a line; info@bedroomheroes.com. I will be uploading scans of my copy of the album, to prove that there really is a 10th track on there, called End Song, which seems to have disappeared from digital download section the Swim Slowly site. I’ll also post news and updates about Ryland and Swim Slowly.



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